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By-Laws and Policies

Governance Documents

OPIRG McMaster is an incorporated not-for-profit agency funded by full-time undergraduates at McMaster University.

Since 1995, OPIRG McMaster has been helping students become engaged citizens, developing research and advocacy skills in the service of the public good.

OPIRG McMaster is directed by a Board of Directors made up of students and community members, and serviced by three permanent part-time staff who are governed by a collective agreement through CUPE 1281.

OPIRG has a Constitution that legally guides our organization, and we report our annually audited finances to the Assistant Vice-President Administration & CFO of McMaster University.

OPIRG McMaster has internal policies that guide decision making on a range of programming serving students: from access to our button-maker to starting and running a volunteer Public Interest Project.

We love to hear from students and others who are interested in our mandate. We welcome contributions that help ensure OPIRG McMaster fulfils our mandate and is accountable to our membership as we take action in the public interest.

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