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Shelley Porteous

Office Administrator


Randy Kay
Randy KayCoordinator of Volunteers
Pronouns: He/Him
I support students who are interested in taking action on social and environmental issues. Our undergraduate volunteers identify issues and find ways to make meaningful change possible using resources provided by OPIRG.
As new issues emerge, students are most often at the forefront. At OPIRG we provide infrastructure to amplify their work and help connect students to campus and community resources, skills development opportunities, and a safe environment to learn and experiment.
I have a background in journalism, volunteer management, campus and community radio, and have been active in local movements and grassroots initiatives, including Transportation for Liveable Communities, Restore Cootes, Homes Not Bombs, Dundas Independent Video Association, Hamilton Action for Social Change, et al.
I am currently working part-time (15 hours a week)