Power Shift Canada 2009

On October 23-26 2009, 1000 young people from across the country will converge on Ottawa to take a message of bold, comprehensive and immediate federal climate action to Parliament Hill. Power Shift Canada will be two days of training, strategy and action and one mass lobby day to hold our elected officials accountable for their part to solve the climate crisis, and to build a cohesive and effective youth climate movement. This will be the largest-ever gathering of its kind of young people on the environment in the history of this country.

At Power Shift Canada, we will deliver our message of change to our elected officials. Youth of all backgrounds will come together to create a fresh, positive, and inspiring vision of the future, one focused on our potential to overcome the challenges of the 21st century, build a clean energy economy, create millions of green jobs, increase global equity, and revitalize our economy. Now is the time for action. Now is the time for boldness. We will accept nothing less from the people with whom we have entrusted our future: our elected officials, and most importantly, ourselves. 2009 will be a year history will remember.

Why Come?

• Is the largest youth climate event in the HISTORY of our country – and you can be part of it!

It’s for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned environmental organizer, or attending your first event this experience is for you.

• In December 2009, world leaders will make key decisions on the future of international climate policy at COP15 in Copenhagen. Power Shift Canada will let our leaders know that we demand action for OUR FUTURE.

You’ll gain knowledge about environmental and social sustainability:

• Alberta’s Tar Sands

• Food security

• Clean energy

• Water sovereignty

• Environmental justice

You’ll gain skills to take action:

• Media training

• Outreach strategies

• Strategic planning

• Advocacy, and

• Volunteer coordination

Make 999 new friends to help you in your climate action endeavors.

Power Shift Canada will be a rockin good time! You only have to check out the photos from the American Power Shift last February and the Australian Power Shift in July to see the huge smiles and exuberant antics!

Youth around the world are calling for change. Power Shift summits have already brought together thousands of youth in the USA, England, and Australia. It’s time to add the voice of Canadian youth and build the momentum for change!

• The Canadian Government isn’t doing enough to prevent catastrophic climate change in our lifetimes. The science is conclusive – what we need now is the WILL to change. Bring your voice to Ottawa to pressure the Prime Minister to make science-based commitments to emission reductions, create millions of green jobs, and move our nation to a clean energy economy.

• The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition brings together student, labour, and environmental education organizations, rallying behind a common cause. Through partnerships with organizations such as 350.org and KYOTOplus and events such as C-Day: Fill the Hill (Oct 24th 2009, also in Ottawa), Power Shift Canada is building the global momentum to create change before it’s too late

For more information about attending as part of the Hamilton delegation team, please contact hamiltonpowershift@gmail.com or check out the Hamilton Power Shift Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?compose#/group.php?gid=147314936922&ref=ts)

Disclaimer: this is not an official opirg mcmaster sponsored event, and is posted for information purposes only. Please contact the event organizers with any questions or concerns.