What are you doing after exams?  How about considering the welfare of everyone you know?
April 24-26, in Peterborough, Ontario, there’s to be a conference for young people ages 15-35 on “Youth and Militarism”.  Organized by the Quakers and sponsored by a whole bunch of local good guys, like OPIRG and Rotary World Peace Partners, the conference will feature speakers such as Jamie Swift, co-author of ‘Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety’, veterans from WW2, Vietnam, and the recent Iraq war, and The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group.  All the information is available here: http://quaker.ca/youth/youth-militarism/.  The conference will also take place in B.C. at the same time, with online connections between the two groups.
The registration deadline is April 1, but if the spaces are not all filled late registrations will certainly be welcomed and considered.