Well, the happy time has come to announce the 2005-06 line-up of fabulous working groups. We have several returning groups, and a fresh crop of interesting issue-based volunteer groups to add to the mix. First the newcomers:

  • Animal Rights
  • Global Youth Coalition
  • Hamilton Vegetarian Association
  • Peak Oil Tinkers
  • The Radical Change Machine
  • Reweaving a Life: Art of Women Weavers of Palm

and returning working groups

  • Anti-Poverty Flyering Squad
  • Colombia
  • Community Volunteer Action
  • Eat Local (Food Issues)
  • Employment Opportunities for People w/Disabilities
  • Food Not Bombs
  • Guatemala
  • Make It Fair
  • Non Violence Now
  • Radio
  • Recycle Cycles
  • Student Math Action Research Team
  • Transportation for Liveable Communities

Full descriptions and individual contact information for each group can be found at opirg.org/mcmaster/groups.html

Working groups are a direct way to get actively involved in working in the public interest. Check it out!