A worthy pursuit, happiness, so we were glad to have this working group dig around in the humors seeking the sanguine side of life. Here are some highlights from their 2014-15 year end report.

November 2014 – We had our first event ‘Lets Talk Local Food: Movements happening in Hamilton’. We collaborated with Juby Lee from Environment Hamilton and she gave an educative talk about local food movements. 

Held an online Facebook competition called ‘Hamilton Upcycle Contest’ in order to promote re-purposing of old items into something more long lasting and usable. We created a Facebook page and started promoting the event on February 8 and took entries starting February 16. We chose 2 winners each week for the next 4 weeks. The event was very well received by the Hamilton community and we engaged people from all over Hamilton as well as the McMaster community.  

Asad Chishti, not talking, but smiling. Photo from

April 2015: We had the last event for the financial year. We invited Asad Chishti to talk about ‘Happiness: It is not the feeling you are looking for’.

Sustainable Happiness won’t be returning since the key organizers have graduated, but it doesn’t mean we stop trying to find that sweet spot.