ALL WORKSHOPS REQUIRE PRE-REGISTRATION with randy@opirg.org or 905-525-9140 ext. 26026
Free for OPIRG members, McMaster full time undergraduates. opirg.org/mcmaster

Consensus Decision Making facilitated by Rae Mitchell
Wednesday, January 25
6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Chester New Hall 607

[description to come]

Introductory Anti-Oppression Workshop facilitated by Cat Cayuga
Thursday, January 26
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
McMaster University Student Centre room 318

In this interactive workshop we will investigate systems of oppression through games, images and dialogue. Together we will reflect on actions and beginning steps we can take to become an ally and how we can further educate ourselves on the issues of oppression.
Cat Cayuga – Cat has an extensive working background in the cultural, artistic and social industry and is a multi-disciplinary artist. She works with the St. Joseph Immigrant Women’s Centre, Facilitating Inclusion Leadership Program and has worked with Strengthening Hamilton’s Community Initiative and the United Nations Association in Canada (Hamilton Branch), Citizen Protection Project

Nonviolent Resistance and Civil Disobedience
A Workshop on creative strategies for social change
Saturday, January 28
10 am-4:30 pm (Bring a lunch)
Kenneth Taylor Hall B132
Space is limited, so please call 905-525-9140 ext. 26026 or e-mail randy@opirg.org to pre-register

Why this workshop?
Increasingly, the social policies of governments at all levels place challenges in front of all of us: to sit by silently as they deprive us of our rights, destroy our environment, pursue wars of aggression, and plunge more of us into poverty, or to say NO with all our courage and strength and creativity. As with anything, creative social protest is a skill that requires discussion, planning, practice, and forethought. This workshop will focus in on some of the nonviolent strategies which have worked historically and continue to be used throughout the world and right here in Hamilton. It will also explore the question of the rights we DO have with respect to protesting, so we don’t get pushed around so easily by the authorities! The workshop will be facilitated by members of Homes not Bombs, an Ontario-wide nwetwork of nonviolent direct action proponents

From planting vegetable gardens at Queen’s Park and creating a greed-free zone in the heart of Toronto’s financial district to transforming the War Dept. into the Housing Dept. and building a Festival of Life to protest the Hamilton War Show, Homes not Bombs members have been active for over a decade in confronting institutional violence (militarism, corporate greed, racism, sexism, secret trials). Their website is www.homesnotbombs.ca The Hamilton chapter of Homes not Bombs, Hamilton Action for Social Change, has a website at www.hwcn.org/link/hasc.