June 1-7, 2008 is the COMMUTER CHALLENGE at McMaster, in Hamilton, and across Canada.

Register and participate by logging your transportation to and from work and other destinations during the week, and if you are not already using sustainable modes (walking, cycling, transit, car-pooling, telecommuting) then this is the week to try something other than the single-occupancy vehicle for a change.

So why a photo of Quebec City? Well, it was taken by OPIRG staff member Randy Kay who was spirited to the beautiful city aboard VIA trains, for winning a draw in last year’s Commuter Challenge at McMaster University. That’s right, two VIA tickets in comfort class to anywhere in the Windsor-Quebec corridor, just for the joy of recording his bike ride to work.

Besides incentives like free transit on Clean Air Day Wednesday June 4, participation is its own reward – healthy commuters, and a cleaner, safer environment!