It pays to play when it comes to choosing environmentally friendly transportation. Here, OPIRG volunteer coordinator Randy Kay (pictured on the right with his bicycle) receives a prize of two round trip VIA rail tickets on the Quebec-Windsor corridor, from McMaster ACT office staff person Daryl Bender.

All Randy had to do was log his participation in the commuter challenge for a week to have his name entered in the draw.

The reward is perfect for Randy, who volunteers with OPIRG’s Transportation for Liveable Communities and says his favourite mass transit mode is train.

OPIRG came in a distant second for “small offices” (1-10 people) with a 33% participation rate, after Arts and Science (75%), but which qualifies us for a catered coffee break! (art-sci gets a catered lunch!)

Watch out for OPIRG next year!

For results of the Commuter Challenge, check out the ACT office

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