Meet our newest OPIRG staff member, Cecilia Irazuzta. Cecilia has been involved in many local and grassroots initiatives, from helping to organize Empty Bowl’s dinners to community education programming on alternative to cosmetic pesticide use in our urban neighbourhoods. A student for natural history, Cecilia is engaged in the process of wildlife gardening including the transformation of her yard into an urban forest. She has written and constructed educational and interpretive materials most recently for RBG’s new Ontario native species garden. |While at Trent University, Cecilia facilitated programming, tours and games for visitors to Peterborough’s Ecology Park. Upon completing a Masters of Science in Sustainable Systems (MS3) in Pennsylvania, she traveled in South America then returned to start-up and manage a Community Supported Agriculture garden in Dundas. Cecilia is thrilled to be involved in this newest opportunity, working for this hub of social and environmental activism at McMaster.

Cecilia shares the OPIRG McMaster Office Administration job with Shelley Porteous. Shelley and Volunteer Coordinator Randy Kay are excited to welcome Cecilia to the OPIRG McMaster office, as part of the permanent staff.