World Water Day at McMaster featured short films from the National Film Board of Canada’s CITIZENSHIFT, followed by an informative discussion facilitated by Pete Wobschall (pictured ) of Hamilton’s Green Venture. Waste water was a big part of the discussion, and Pete’s motto for toilet-flushing rules “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down” is indelibly stamped in my brain.

Participants also heard about recovery efforts for the Hamilton Bay and Cootes Paradise, and there was even discussion about careers in environmental/social marketing.

Some easy ways to protect our water: use low flush toilets, consider composting toilets or set up your own with buckets and sawdust, replace your lawn with drought resistant native species, don’t use pesticides on your property, use low flow shower heads, fix leaky pipes, use a rain barrel to catch and store rain water, use a broom not a hose to clean driveways, don’t let water run while brushing your teeth.
Click here for more ideas from Green Venture or another list here or here.

Thanks to the lovely souls who attended, and to our cosponsors MacGreen (thanks for use of the camera!)