• Editor OPIRG Newsletter
  • Job description (llist all volunteer duties)
    Twice a year OPIRG publishes a print newsletter – PIRGSPECTIVES – your task is to work with the volunteer coordinator and other volunteers to assemble material (issue-based articles, photos, etc) from working groups and possibly other outside parties – edit, layout, proofread and print the newsletter – also make available online – help with distribution.
  • Skills required (list all skills associated with this position)
    an interest and ability in basic editing (spell-checking) – an interest and ability in layout (have been using word) – interest in working collaboratively
  • date volunteer required
    Wednesday, November 10, 2010 0:00:00 AM
  • For mulitple dates and times, please list in the space provided
    The deadline will be decided based on availability (i.e. your availability) – we do a fall/winter and a spring/summer issue – previous examples can be found on the opirg web site at http://opirg.ca/pirgspectives
  • Supervision provided?
    • Direct Supervision
  • Training Required?
    • Yes, Minimal

Sound like something you would be interested in?