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Volunteers form the core of OPIRG’s action. There are plenty of ways students and community can become active citizens through OPIRG, that fit neatly between your busy schedules. We put volunteers to work on a wide range of tasks and responsibilities through our volunteer program. There is a range of opportunities to build your skills and your resume with us, besides sharing your talents to make OPIRG McMaster a better organization supporting students active on social and environmental issues.

Volunteers are encouraged to fill out an online Volunteer Form to start the process of making positive contributions to McMaster, Hamilton, and beyond.

Our general volunteer positions are mostly ad hoc positions advertised over our Volunteer Facebook Group. You can ignore the request or respond if you want to get involved.

Check out some general volunteer Job Descriptions here.

Apart from being a general volunteer, individuals can also join a working group or join our board of directors.

Working groups

Some volunteers enter our organization through our various working groups, made of students and community members who organize around specific issues. Each group will have their own meeting times and a range of activities. Everyone is welcome to join a working group at any time, and we welcome new ideas for groups each term!

You can apply to create a working group and check out our current working groups here.

Board of Directors

OPIRG’s volunteer Board of Directors define both our vision and our activism.

You can learn about our current Board here.

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities


  • to be treated as a co-worker and not just free help
  • to be given a suitable assignment and to request reassignment when appropriate
  • to know as much about the organization as possible
  • to receive training for the job and the necessary tools, funds and/or space to do the job
  • to receive continuing education for the job
  • to have regular evaluation of one’s volunteer performance
  • to be given sound guidance and direction
  • to be given promotion and a variety of experiences
  • to be heard and to participate
  • to be recognized and receive a letter of reference if necessary


  • to accept assignments that you can handle (time and skill)
  • to be sincere in the offer of service and believe in the value of the task
  • to maintain the principles, dignity and integrity of OPIRG with the public respecting confidentiality when appropriate
  • to carry out duties promptly and reliably and to notify the appropriate person when your obligations cannot be met
  • to accept the guidance and decisions of the coordinator of volunteers and share ideas, concerns and evaluation with this person
  • to be willing to learn and participate in orientation, training programs, meetings and to continue to learn on the job
  • to understand the function of the paid staff, maintain a smooth working relationship with them and stay within the bounds of your volunteer placement
  • any fees or honorariums given for services while volunteering will be turned over to OPIRG
  • use reasonable judgment in making decisions when there appears to be no policy and then, as soon as possible, consult with the appropriate person for guidance