It may seem quiet at the campus, but I thought I’d share some of the things I am working on with students:

  1. We are nearing completion of our print and online newsletter PIRGSPECTIVES for spring-summer 2015, with Sadiyah Jamal doing the layout and some fine submissions from various volunteers (more on that later) 
  2. I am analyzing and preparing year end surveys and reports (and hounding the last few working groups to fill out their reports) for 
    1. working groups
    2. general volunteers
  3. Supervising the street tree project, working with Harshal Patel, who is the student staff coordinating this project in its third year bringing more trees to Hamilton neighbourhoods
  4. Running a weekly coffee/tea drop-in on Thursdays from 12:30-2:00pm in the Resource Centre
  5. Putting together resource centre capital purchase document to bring in more hardware and software to support and expand volunteer opportunities and skill development with opirg, in conjunction with board and staff
  6. Building an intranet for volunteers on Google Sites
  7. Planning an interpretive hike into west campus, and working with a volunteer to design a poster
There’s still lots to engage with as a volunteer, so if you haven’t yet, please consider getting started by filling out our online volunteer form (this helps us prepare to help you find the volunteer experience you want)