Janie Ginsberg (Centre) receives her volunteer gift from (L) Kojo Damptey (OPIRG Board)
and (R) Randy Kay, OPIRG Coordinator of Volunteers

Preeti Nayak

 Every so often OPIRG McMaster is able to recognize the dedication of some of our volunteers who have contributed to our work for social and environmental justice – this year we chose four people based on their various volunteer tasks which encompass things like: poster designing, table-sitting, policy writing, newsletter writing and editing, and putting up posters (and various combinations of the above).

Mike Borrelli

These people are like many others at OPIRG in that they are self-motivated, highly competent, and make time to help with required tasks in their busy schedules.

The gift they are seen holding is the recently published “where the concrete desert blooms” graphic novella by former OPIRG student-staffer Tings Chak.

Thank you all (and those yet to be recognized in the years to come) from OPIRG McMaster!

(photos by Randal De Souza and Randy Kay)