Krista (L) and Anna (R) in Crown Point, Hamilton ON
Thanks to our volunteers, OPIRG was able to participate in MacServe day on Saturday. Krista and Anna organized a visit to the Crown Point neighbourhood where OPIRG had worked this summer on our Street Tree Project. Anna took McMaster MacServe volunteers across town to go door to door and sign residents up for a free tree for their front yards. Anna gained experience in the summer as a volunteer going door to door along with OPIRG’s summer student project director Krista. Which is to say, the McMaster volunteers were in good hands.

Anna reports that

 “the volunteers knocked on about 100 doors and came away with three street tree requests while getting exposure to another part of the city in the process. Over all it was an awesome day!”

Thanks to Macserve and the Student Success Centre for including OPIRG, and again to OPIRG volunteers Krista and Anna for ensuring the success of the Street Tree project.