Being a member of the OPIRG Board sometimes takes you places you might not have predicted. Board member Alex Epp is at the Pearl Company after introducing OPIRG to the audience at Bob Wiseman’s (also pictured here) theatre show Actionable!

OPIRG has a long tradition of supporting arts events that relate to social change and the environment, and OPIRG has also been the beneficiary of random acts of arts kindness. Bob has loaned his talents to support local PIRG initiatives in the past, and we are grateful for the opportunity to speak at his show.

Other OPIRG McMaster arts related events include the recent collaboration with Centre3 in Steel Town Views, two very different art shows at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, the first a Cycling themed art show and then the Political Cartooning in Hamilton and Beyond show, and various performances in the realm of music with Rhythm Activism (from Montreal), Warsaw Pack (Hamilton), Bob Wiseman, Bob Snider, Andras Jones, classical Indian dance, and many others over the years. Maybe we need to dig out a history on this theme for a fuller blog post!

Thanks for representing OPIRG McMaster Alex!