Know Your Tenant Rights

A workshop

Thursday, November 8th
6:30 to 8:30 PM at McMaster, room KTH 734

Come join us at this community event where we will go over basic Tenant Rights:
what they are, how to enforce them, and how to collectively organize in your building.

All are welcome! Come get some snacks and learn about your rights!


6:30-8:30 PM
1. Introductions (10 minutes)
a. Names, pronouns and if there are any specific reasons for being here

2. Go over tenant basics Rosa from HDLC Young Workers Group (30 minutes)
a. Handouts
b. What RTA covers
c. Standards lease and when it automatically goes month-to-month
d. Requesting maintenance, who is responsible for what
e. Pests
f. LTB, property standards
g. Roommate conflict resolution
2. Scenarios in groups (10 minutes)
3. Scenario discussion and any questions (20 minutes)
4. Sophie Greffros speaking on the challenges facing students as tenants. (20 minutes)
5. Collective organizing in your building Cassandra from Hamilton Tenant Solidarity Network (30 minutes)
1. Final questions and wrap up (5 minutes)