We are looking for volunteers to help out with an exciting project taking off June 21 2015. The Hamilton-Burlington Trails Council (HBTC) is conducting a survey of local trail users. This survey aims to gather information on trail use patterns, user demographics as well as community input on the local trails. Ultimately, this information will be used to assist in the development and planning of an effective trail and urban greenway network.

For volunteers, the opportunity would involve traveling to survey locations in the Hamilton-Burlington area where they will perform trail surveys. Volunteers will always work in teams of 2. One volunteer will record observable traits of passing trail users (mode of transportation, gender, etc…) while the other will invite trail users to complete a 10-mintue trail survey questionnaire. The time commitment from volunteers will be approximately 2 hours per week or every other week, as volunteers are available. Volunteers will be fully informed about the project and trained during one of our two volunteer training days on June 13 and June 17.

If you are interested in volunteering, or for more information on the project, please contact the survey coordinator, Alex Farquharson, at surveys@hamiltonburlingtontrails.ca.
For more information on the Hamilton Burlington Trails Council, please visit http://hamiltonburlingtontrails.ca.