The incomparable Sean Park, back in the early days of MaCycle

Sean Park  Phd (c), McMaster – Class of 2004

I offer this letter of support for OPIRG and their various community and sustainability projects.  As a former member of the SRA (2002-2004), and co-founder of both MACgreen and MACycle, I am very familiar with the important work OPIRG has done with their Recycle Cycles project.
Recycle Cycles serves an important educational, environmental and economic service to the Hamilton area providing clients with access to bicycle tools, parts and hands-on learning.  

Their model served to inspire MACycle’s own development and is an important local partner in furthering sustainable transportation initiatives in the region.

It is my hope that OPIRG continues to receive the necessary funding and administrative support to continue their excellent work making student projects a reality.