Public Reception Steel Town Views

Time Begins at January 25th 7:00 PM EST
ending on January 25th 10:00 PM EST
Location Workers Arts and Heritage Centre 51 Stuart Street, Hamilton ON
Organizers Centre3 for Print and Media Arts, OPIRG McMaster
street art car free day 2002 Hamilton ON
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 Steel Town Views
  • Alexandra Epp
  • Ariel Bader-Shamai
  • Ashmita Chopra
  • Eemaan Thind
  • Ingrid Mayrhofer
  • Meredith Paterson
  • Sarah Joy Salise
  • Shelley Porteous
A collaboration between Centre3 for Print and Media Arts, and OPIRG, this project explores OPIRG McMaster members’ creative responses to Hamilton’s identity of “steel town.”  The community collaboration follows the Centre3 exhibition Qualia, or the Feel of Steel that took place last summer: (
Unlike permanent Hamilton residents, students who came to McMaster (from New Zealand, Toronto, Waterloo and Scarborough) noted that they did not get the industrial image of Steel Town until their second semester or later. Arriving via Hwy 403, Hwy 6 and Main Street West, they expressed their awe for the natural setting of the escarpment and were impressed with the city’s heritage buildings, but typically felt that they were coming to the university, not to Hamilton. 
In contrast, Hamilton residents started their discussion with images of the industry’s emissions and its decline. In their prints, both groups included interpretations of the waterfalls, Cootes Bay and industrial gothic architecture as representative of Hamilton’s landmark features. 
The eight studio participants created collagraphs, a printmaking method that works with textures and layers of surfaces glued together. The exhibition at WAHC’s Community Gallery also includes the plates from which the prints were pulled. Gallery visitors are invited to use the plates to create rubbings and add their own visual comments on the topic of the “Feel of Steeltown,” for the visitor’s wall. A workshop with children from the ICAA art education program adds another newcomer perspective to the exhibition.
The exhibition runs from Friday, January 11th  to February 23rd, 2013
The gallery is open for Art Crawl in January and February at 7 pm
ICAA Children’s workshop, Saturday, January 19th, 1 – 2 pm
Public Reception, Friday, January 25th 7 – 10 pm 
Regular Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday 10 am – 4 pm
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