OPIRG McMaster is currently seeking applications for new “working groups” on environmental and social justice issues.

To apply for working group status, visit our web site here. (Hard copies are available at the opirg office)


(returning groups must re-apply)

To get an idea of what the range of interests are, view the 2007-2008 Working Group Year End Report (pdf) here.

What is a working group? Working groups are semi-autonomous groups of students and community members who organize around specific issues relating to the environment and social change. OPIRG desires to engage students in critiquing, researching and acting on pressing social/environmental issues.

Working Groups receive funding from the OPIRG office, as well as ongoing support and training.

Working Groups use the CONSENSUS DECISION MAKING model to ensure equal access to power within groups (Consensus workshop Monday, September 29, 7-9pm MUSC 318) , and are expected to take an ANTI-OPPRESSION workshop (Wednesday, October 1, 7-9pm, MUSC 311/313.) Pre-register with randy.opirg(at)gmail.com

Previous and ongoing working groups include Mexico, Non-Violence Now, Transportation for Liveable Communities, Waste Reduction, Recycle Cycles, Food Not Bombs, Guatemala, Community Volunteer Action, Fair Trade, and many others.

For more information, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Randy Kay at 905-525-9140 ext. 26026 or randy.opirg@gmail.com or drop by the office and speak with any of the staff.