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OPIRG employs 3 permanent part-time (22 hours/week) staff to support student engagement. Staff are members of CUPE 1281.

Cecilia IrazuztaCoordinator of Information and Administration
Phone: 905-525-9140 x27289
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Randy Kay
Randy KayCoordinator of Volunteers
I’m a creative, collaborative and innovative leader who has the privilege of working with and learning from student leaders as we take action on important public interest issues at McMaster and in the broader Hamilton community.

Phone: 905-525-9140 x26026

Randy, you were the one who introduced me to OPIRG and made me feel extremely welcomed as a new volunteer. You also encouraged me to apply for the Board of Directors and my two years on the Board were extremely valuable to me for my personal and professional growth. You have always been there to talk to us about our ideas and to brainstorm ways we can make them a reality, and have supported us the whole way. I believe I will be speaking on behalf of numerous OPIRG volunteers when I say that you have played a huge role in making our OPIRG experiences so precious.

You have also often talked about innovative ways in which OPIRG McMaster can progress and make a bigger impact and your vision for OPIRG’s future is truly amazing. You have put in so much time and effort into this non-profit and OPIRG McMaster is really lucky to have you! I also believe that you are very passionate about your interests, hobbies, and beliefs and it is nice to watch you take action when it is required.

I feel lucky to have met you and learned from you.

Yuvreet Kaur

Hey Randy,

You make volunteer coordination seem orders of magnitude easier than it probably is. Over the years I’ve known you, I can’t say that I’ve seen you in a bad mood even once. You were always polite and helpful, regardless of the circumstances. I have never felt uncomfortable approaching you with questions, even off of your scheduled work hours. Every volunteer I have sent your way felt the same. Talking to you is also never boring. You’re loaded with great stories and a great sense of humor.

You always seemed to be working on some new project, or taking new classes on topics that would help with your work. That competence and diligence showed us all that you were dedicated to your job, and dedicated to helping us achieve our own goals. You’re very easy to share ideas with as well, and that made everyone around you feel like an important part of the OPIRG team.

Conner Hurd

Apart from the numerous times I’ve come into OPIRG to collaborate and consult on projects while at Mac, the one thing that still sticks with me is the time that we set up a workshop to teach safe cycling skills! We didn’t get a very good turnout (a flop I suppose…), but I think we were just ahead of our time! Nowadays people who I have never imagined would get on to a bike are converting to active transit. Even though our workshop didn’t make the biggest impact at the time, that experience still gave me the guts to keep doing what I believe in to make even the slightest change (clothing swaps?!).

Thank you Randy for your unwavering support and mentorship to the progressive young-uns of the past and future!

Davey Hamada

When I met you at my OPIRG Interview, I remember being really nervous about joining a group and going outside of my comfort zone. However, you were very reassuring and you showed a strong belief that everyone has something of value to share and contribute. You really have a talent at cultivating a welcoming atmosphere! You would also go out of your way to help students branch out into projects that would contribute to their growth.

I always really appreciated your ability to give constructive criticism to help me further improve my work. You yourself, are always looking for feedback and ways to improve. You are incredibly attentive to the thoughts and ideas of all your volunteers and you always manage to meet their needs.

Your dedication to the constant improvement of OPIRG as well as the causes OPIRG stands for is really inspiring!

Michelle Weinstein
Shelley PorteousOffice Coordinator
Phone: 905-525-9140 x27289