By Jamie Mudrick, OPIRG Communications Intern

Sabeen Kazmi is currently a 3rd year Social Psychology student at McMaster University. Sabeen is very passionate about social justice issues and enjoys being on the Board at OPIRG McMaster.

Sabeen is a very committed individual and was a part of the McMaster Muslims for Peace and Justice last year, a group that did a lot of work with OPIRG, allowing her a first-hand look at how OPIRG does not limit themselves to the confines of the 15 working groups that they have, but are open to all of those in need.

“It is much more useful for somebody who wants to help in so many ways to be a part of the board because it allows us to deal with multiple issues that we are passionate about rather than being limited to one,” she explains.

Her involvement goes beyond OPIRG, as she is in her second year on an ad hoc violence against women committee. which came about through concerns that Mac students had about how unsafe campus can be sometimes. Sabeen along with the rest of the committee hopes to make this campus a much safer environment.

In addition to this work in reducing violence, she is one of several students and professors involved in a research project entitled Understanding Students’ Experiences of Inclusion and Exclusion: Improving the Classroom Learning Environment. This McMaster project is currently being conducted as University-wide research with several different faculties involved included HR and equity.

Other OPIRG board members are active members of a community which she is a part of, and it was after speaking to some of them about what OPIRG does that she felt compelled to contribute.

After she graduates, Sabeen hopes to either get her Master’s degree or become a lawyer, but will likely do something politically oriented as she believes so strongly in social justice. For now, she feels it is important to focus on the working groups and try to be there to provide support to the working group members and let them know that the Board is there for the groups.

“OPIRG gives me the opportunity to do all the things I want to do, but don’t necessarily have the time for,” she says.“I don’t just want to be a face of OPIRG, but I try to interact with as many working groups as possible.”

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