Krista helps OPIRG make space by taking a table home…on her bicycle?! 
Staple Fun: Anna sticks up for OPIRG with posters and a staple gun. 

These 1st year students walked away with free tickets to FunctionKeys2 and a better understanding
of OPIRG McMaster

Geoff is going to FunctionKeys2 with a comp ticket

People make the office atmosphere, and so many good people stopped by today including those not photographed, like Yuvreet and Esmonde from the board of directors, archive volunteer Zafrin and Sunia, OPIRG Resource Assistant student staff Amandha, Hamish from the McMaster Museum of Art, Kevin from Software Hamilton, Chaplain Carol Wood borrowed our projector, working group volunteer/Making Connections student Madeleine, a few folks came and bought chocolate, we loaned a bucket to MacGreen, and many other wonderful interactions, some of which included fair trade coffee as part of Cup O Connections.