In the haste, amid the distractions, the slings and arrows, etc. we inadvertently left out Simon De Abreu’s contribution to the print edition of the opirg newsletter PIRGSPECTIVES (Spring/Summer 2009) – the online copy has been altered to include his poem, so those of you who may have been puzzled to see his bio, but not his contribution, can now rest at night. Here it is, standing alone, and proud, and of course our apologies to Simon for messing up in the first place…

Simona’s Serious Smile

Scales of justice, injustice abounds.
Lies, fears, dyes are cast.

Sweat of hope, tears of joy,
Memories of the past

Lies of politicians echo throughout the land.
Debt fills citizens with fear, no money in hand;

a damned-nation is reborn.

Sweet sweat of hope flows from a political messiah,
while tears of joy fall from impoverished eyes

I long for sweet sounds of my NYC Mariah!

I am what i am but who are we?
We bargain with the devil collectively.

Hearts bleed and memories fade,
Sons raise and fall, in the name of what?

A new day is dawning on the power of poetry,
that is, not was, being shared

and in the process of being drunk, poetry,

like spirits of old – go on, on wine, on beer, on vixen.
i have been told, but who are WE,

– Simon C. De Abreu