The latest and greatest OPIRG McMaster newsletter pirgpsectives is printed and ready for reading – right this instant you can grab a copy at the OPIRG Office anytime (from the display outside the office door) – next week we will host a coffee shop with fair trade organic coffee and tea at the office to encourage and support your reading habit.


  • Working Group Spotlight: Threadwork by Dorina Simeonov
  • Tech Free for Change and Poverty Awareness by Sabah Khan
  • Facing the Crisis of Biodiversity Loss by Maria Strybos (Biodiversity Guild Working Group)
  • Inter-City Humanitarianism by Audrey Naluz
  • Working Group Spotlight: FreeSkool by Dorina Simeonov
  • Book Review: Rethinking Schools, by Preeti Nayak
  • The Key to Change is to Stop Fearing It: McMaster Students for Social Justice
  • Rain Drops and Burning Cars by Harjot Atwal
  • Working Group Spotlight: McMaster Students for Social Justice by Dorina Simeonov
  • Taking Action through Volunteering: Why do we do it? by Arum Choi
  • plus art, poetry and Board Profiles

The great looking publication was put together by our newsletter volunteer committee: Layout by Harjot Atwal and Dorina Simeonov. Writers: Hayley Moody, Arum Choi, Randy Kay. Review: Preeti Nayak. Photography by Harjot Atwal and Davey T. Hamada. Editing by Eric Collins and Kristina Mangligot.