Developing a 50 Year Vision & Strategy for Dundas Valley

The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is taking action now to ensure the sustainability of the Dundas Valley by developing a 50 Year Vision and Strategy for the area. The project, which was announced on April 29, will cover approximately 5,400 hectares of HCA public trust lands (including the Dundas Valley Conservation Area), open spaces and residential areas in Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster and Flamborough. Those from the area know that Dundas Valley is an important part of the Niagara escarpment, home to cold-water streams, waterfalls, stunning cliffs, and an array of rare plants, birds and wildlife. Dundas Valley is also valued for its quaint villages and architectural heritage.

The 50 Year Vision and Strategy will be a long-term look at stewardship of the Dundas Valley and will examine ways to ensure its unique characteristics remain intact for future generations. The vision will seek to balance preservation of the Valley’s natural heritage features and ecological diversity, while enhancing the quality of life for Valley residents, businesses, and visitors.

Developing a long-term vision for the Dundas Valley is one of five key HCA priorities, says HCA Chair Chris Firth-Eagland. “Over the next 50 years, the Dundas Valley is going to experience enormous development pressures from the surrounding City of Hamilton,” he says. “We need to start thinking now about how we want the Valley to be in the future, what sorts of activities we want to see take place here, and how we want to manage them.”

The development of the 50 Year Vision and Strategy will be overseen by HCA staff and guided by the advice and direction of a Steering Committee of prominent local citizens (see membership list below). HCA staff and the Steering Committee will work closely with Lura Consulting, who have been retained to manage the study process.

In June 2007 a community meeting was held to explore the idea of a 50 year vision and strategy for the Valley. The idea was favourably received, and now the HCA is looking to involve the community in a visioning exercise to guide stewardship of the Valley for the next 50 years.

Residents were invited to get involved in the “Our Valley, Our Future” event which was held in the Dundas Town Hall Auditorium on May 24th. The event provided residents with an opportunity to learn about the study and the Dundas Valley and share ideas about what the Dundas Valley should be like in 50 years. A second community event will take place in late summer, and community members are also invited to fill in a brief survey available here:

Questions about the project or “Our Valley, Our Future” can be directed to Mr. Sandy Bell, Manager of Design and Development, HCA, at (905) 648-4427 x.190. Email:

For more information about the Dundas Valley 50 Year Vision and Strategy, please visit:

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OPIRG staff member Randy Kay is on the stakeholder committee as a volunteer – feel free to contact Randy if you are interested in this process.