Stay Agile for Project Management Success

Harjot Atwal (PMP) gave a very good presentation on Agile/Lean with a focus on using Scrum to move projects forward. She has shared her slides and links to useful tools for those who might have missed it (and for those who were there!).

We got to practice in small groups using an example of “organizing a conference”, and went through the steps to identify the tasks required, and how to prioritize and move the high priority steps forward in two-week “sprints” with all group members taking on specific tasks.

OPIRG runs a series of skill development workshops to assist change-makers in meeting their objectives.

Register for upcoming workshops on “Media Attention: how to get it, what to do with it” with Kelly Bennett, CBC Hamilton – Feb 28, 2018) and “Talking to politicians: how to get support for your public interest work”, at Hamilton City Hall with Matthew Green (Ward 3 Councillor) – Friday, March 9, 2018

A workshop to help participants understand and practice:

  • what elements of their work might make a story in the media (and what doesn’t make the grade)
  • how to frame the issue when communicating it to a reporter
  • best way to get media to take notice (media release? social media? etc)
  • how to prepare to be interviewed – distilling key talking points, learning what details to share

Kelly Bennett is an award-winning investigative reporter who’s worked in digital, print, radio and television journalism for 11 years. She has investigated a plummeting housing market and uncovered controversial policing practices in diverse communities. She finds human stories to illustrate and illuminate complex systems, to question clichĂ©s and conventional wisdom. Bennett grew up in Victoria, B.C., and lived and worked in San Diego for 12 years before moving to Hamilton, Ontario, in 2014. She’s currently a reporter at CBC Hamilton. Previously, she helped grow the award-winning online nonprofit news organization Voice of San Diego and appeared regularly on NBC and PBS/NPR affiliates.

OPIRG will provide a light meal before the workshop at 5:30 PM

Click here for details and link to register

City Hall with Matthew Green, Ward 3 City Councillor
11:30 AM Hamilton City Hall (more detail and registration link)

Do you feel that politicians don’t care? That your issue won’t be taken seriously?

Find out how municipal politicians can align with your project to generate impactful outcomes in the city. In this candid discussion, you will hear from one of Hamilton’s city councillors about ways to move a project forward and the interplay between grassroots movements and the most local levels of government.

Hop on the HSR and head downtown to 71 Main West. Join Matthew Green Hamilton City Councillor and activists for a discussion on engaging City Hall on your issue to bring about change.

Whether or not you have a specific cause or issue you want to see changed in Hamilton, all are welcome to participate!