Stay Agile for Project Management Success

Harjot Atwal (PMP) gave a very good presentation on Agile/Lean with a focus on using Scrum to move projects forward. She has shared her slides and links to useful tools for those who might have missed it (and for those who were there!).

We got to practice in small groups using an example of “organizing a conference”, and went through the steps to identify the tasks required, and how to prioritize and move the high priority steps forward in two-week “sprints” with all group members taking on specific tasks.

OPIRG runs a series of skill development workshops to assist change-makers in meeting their objectives.

Register for upcoming workshops on “Media Attention: how to get it, what to do with it” with Kelly Bennett, CBC Hamilton – Feb 28, 2018) and “Talking to politicians: how to get support for your public interest work”, at Hamilton City Hall with Matthew Green (Ward 3 Councillor) – Friday, March 9, 2018