My name is Safoora Fatima and I am the OPIRG resource library assistant this year! I am currently pursuing the first year of my Masters degree in the Health Research Methodology program at McMaster University. 

When I am not bogged down writing papers and reading up on research studies, I enjoy watching Korean dramas and spending time with my friends and family in my spare time. I have been involved with OPIRG for over a year now and I’m excited to be back for another year!

The OPIRG resource library is an alternative resource centre that provides McMaster students and the surrounding Hamilton community access to many types of materials such as books, DVDs, journals, magazines, etc. Our library has resources that explore a wide variety of issues regarding social and political justice, environmentalism, human rights and much more. 
The unique aspect of our library is that these resources may not be otherwise available at traditional resource locations. I can assist you in finding a resource relevant to your course projects or perhaps a book that you have a particular interest in. If you have suggestions for other resources, please let us know as we are open to expanding our library with more books that interest students.
Our resources are available for a short-term loan and can be searched through the Mills library system as well. Come visit us at the OPIRG resource library in McMaster University Student Centre, Room 229!