Resource Centre Survey Results

  • 100% support for “A space where people can collaborate, work and turn ideas in action”

  • 100% Support or Neutral (95/5%) for “A space organized and without clutter”

  • 100% Support for “An interactive space available to OPIRG Working Groups and Volunteers”

  • 94% Support or Neutral (83/11%) for “Space should be aesthetically pleasing”

  • LIBRARY: 83% Support for “Build a (smaller) collection focused on topics of making change/organizing, toolkits, books on successful movements (and keep some classics)”

  • 100% Support for “OPIRG should donate books that don’t meet criteria to other libraries so they can still be accessed”

  • 100% Support or Neutral (83/17%) for “With a smaller collection, OPIRG should replace current full height book shelves with shorter ones and install white boards above”

  • 100% Support or Neutral (94/6%) for “Before purchasing storage units, ensure existing storage is being used effectively”

  • 100% Support for “Strategically examine archives of paper files and working group storage usage prior to purchasing new storage units”

  • 88% Do Not Support purchasing another desktop

  • 78% Support “If OPIRG is to buy another device, would you prefer OPIRG buy a small laptop (chromebook) or tablet for student use, rather than another desktop?”

The OPIRG Board of Directors confirmed a decision to purchase another windows desktop computer for the Resource Centre at their November 1 meeting.

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