Well, great news to share. Outside of some projector set-up wrangling, it couldn’t have gone better tonight: let’s call it “From adversary to allies.”

Congrats are due to OPIRG’s board reps who presented and were well received and highly praised by the McMaster Student Union (MSU) Student Representative Assembly (SRA), especially by Daniel D’Angela and VP Finance Scott Mallon. D’Angela called OPIRG an “Impactful student organization” while VP Mallon praised OPIRG’s financial transparency and good work we do on campus.

The twitter comments were numerous and uniformly positive.

In the SRA’s “Committee of the Whole” they accepted our presentation and passed on their thanks for our transparent finances, and the great work we do for students and the community.



This means that we can stay focused more than ever on making student opportunities pay off through volunteer action and student initiated projects, through our OPIRG Working Groups, and in the many other ways OPIRG supports student initiative.

OPIRG really values our volunteer’s varied contributions to enhancing student life and making a difference in the world. It’s a pleasure to be recognized for such at the SRA. Keep up the good work, and let’s keep getting better all the time!

Copy of OPIRG Presentation

Prepared and presented by Board members Kojo Damptey, Esmonde Jamieson, and Diana Elborno