OPIRG McMaster is making changes to better focus our energy and resources going into 2018-2019.

A 26% budget cut and a resultant staff layoff has created a situation where it is impossible to ignore the need for change. This, despite the losses, is a good thing.

We have a motivated new undergraduate Board of Directors (with one community member) ready to lead OPIRG into the next 20 years with renewed purpose and updated practices.

Working with a Strategic Plan developed by a previous board, we are looking to implement necessary and exciting changes to bring our work in line with our mission, vision and values, and to ensure student energy is rewarded with impactful outcomes as they try and solve public interest problems.

Take a look at an action plan for improving how we deliver on our core areas of concern: students taking action in the public interest.

Please share your thoughts in the comments, or reach out to us if you want to be more involved. Our Board of Directors will be deliberating and deciding on these and other issues (Resource Centre) in the near future, and you are welcome to participate.


Action Plan

Strategic Plan Proposals

Working Groups to Public Interest Projects and Applications of Support to Partnerships
Action Plan

Presentation Slides

Slides outlining the plan for upgrades to OPIRG McMaster processes

STRATEGY: Public Interest Projects, Partnerships, Programming