OPIRG’s Sustainable Happiness working group hosted a Hamilton Upcycle Contest on Facebook and it ran for 4 weeks. The majority of submissions were from community members, and everyone would vote for the winner each week. Here are some examples from the winners:

T-shirt quilt made out of old bus and hippy tees , sewed over top a vintage quilt, by Jane Zhang

Wine box upcycled into stylish table on vintage legs and beautiful storage inside!
By Hamilton’s own Victorian Rehab Designs

Sending this from www.facebook.com/reclaimedcharmcanada It is an up-cycled wooden frame window, reclaimed stained glass and re-purposed glassware. This piece can be enjoyed at your cottage, home or garden!www.reclaimedcharm.ca

upcyled a gardening apron out of old jeans, lace and iron on patch.
i can use the belt loops to hang key etc from