Join OPIRG Monday, October 24 for this interactive and insightful look at Race and Racism in Hamilton: Mapping Community Response Over Space and Time, with facilitator Jane Mulkewich.

This will be an interactive workshop, in which participants will make a timeline involving the development of racialized communities in the Hamilton area, incidents of racism, and community responses to racism, from 1700 until the present day. No prior knowledge is assumed; newspaper articles will be used as one source of information.

Come and learn about Aboriginal issues in Hamilton, Hamilton’s former Chinatown and Little Africa, the aftermath of 911 in Hamilton, and the role of institutions such as the municipal government, the police service and the university.

Jane Mulkewich is a consultant on human rights issues, currently studying law, and a McMaster graduate. She is a member of the Hamilton Police Services Board and a number of other groups working for positive social change in the community. Her interest in genealogy and local history combined with her anti-racism work have led to her ongoing research on the racial history of Hamilton.