We get fairly regular opportunities to speak in front of classes at McMaster about what we do: ways students can volunteer to make positive and lasting contributions to environmental and social justice causes by helping when they can, joining one of our 15 Working Groups, or serving on our Board of Directors. Other ways to be involved are as simple as attending one of OPIRG’s many events (subscribe yourself to a weekly events listing at opirg.ca) or making use of our extensive Resource Library in MUSC 229.

We appreciate every opportunity to speak to students directly (if you are in a class and think your prof might be interested in having a short visit from OPIRG, let us know!)

This morning, Coordinator of Volunteers Randy Kay did an overview of OPIRG, and Alicia Ridge of Hamiltonians for Migrant and Refugee Health working group followed with a more in depth look at the issues her group is taking an active role in

We are thankful to Professor Jessica Franklin’s Work and Racism class for hosting us.