2022-2023 Projects

Apply to Start a New Public Interest Project

OPIRG McMaster accepts applications for McMaster undergraduate-led public interest projects with a clear focus on impactful outcomes.

OPIRG provides project teams with funding and ongoing support as well as free training workshops each term to assist students with developing practical skills.

Public Interest Project Teams are expected to operate using anti-oppression and consensus decision-making models.

What OPIRG provides project teams:

  • Orientation to OPIRG McMaster

  • Skills Development Workshops

  • Base funding (up to $1000.00)

  • Special Project funding (up to $3000)

  • Access to campus room booking and OPIRG Resource Centre

  • Networking opportunities

  • Tools – button maker, projector, computer programs (CS) etc.

  • Promotional support – web – social media – campus posters

  • Space on OPIRG’s website and event calendar

  • Use of OPIRG McMaster’s name and connections

  • An @opirgmcmaster.org email account

  • The support of the entire OPIRG organization (Staff, Board, Volunteers)

Tips for project proposals

  • You clearly identify a public interest problem

  • Your Project will be led by McMaster undergrads

  • You should have set clear goals and objectives

  • Your goal should be achievable given demands of school/work/family

  • Your overall strategy will address how to make meaningful change

  • Our policy does not allow MSU-approved clubs or outside groups to open McMaster “chapters” through our working group process. We can support campus and community groups through potential partnerships or shared programming options through our Application for Support process.

Applications open each term in the academic year.

Applications are reviewed by the OPIRG Board of Directors who meet with applicants to ask questions about the proposal before recommending which projects will be accepted. Groups not accepted are often able to access the support they need in other ways from OPIRG (for instance, through Applications for Support). We want you to succeed!


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