McMaster Celebrates Black History Month – Movie Night: Prom Night in Mississippi

Time Begins at February 7th 7:00 PM EST
ending on February 7th 9:00 PM EST
Location Health Sciences (Ewart Angus) 1A4
Organizers The Black History Month Committee
Posted by OPIRG Staff
One town.  Two proms.  Until 2008…
1954 – US Supreme Court orders the integration of all segregated schools in America, including all the events.
1970 – Charleston, Mississippi, accepts its first black students into its only high school. Graduation dance remains segregated.
2008 – History is made.
Please join us for a facilitated discussion of racism and white privilege after the film with Dr. Gary Warner, Director of the Arts and Science Program and Dr. Daniel Coleman, Professor of English and Cultural Studies.
Free Admission.