An OPIRG McMaster summer student research update:

To Feed A City is an initiative to make locally sourced food more accessible to the McMaster and Westdale communities.

McMaster is a city within a city whose thousands of citizens depend on Westdale’s The Barn and Main Street’s Fortinos for unsustainable nourishment. The summer’s work will involve exploring the options for getting local products to students and students to the products.

My research will involve digging up where the monopolizing Paradise Catering food comes from.

My dream would be to have a farmer’s market, a heavily supported community supported agriculture (CSA) pick-up system on or near campus, and completely locally sourced dining facilities.

The bureaucratic stumbling blocks will be tedious to knock over but I am anxious to see a microform of my goal manifest.

Please write to to collaborate, discuss, or create.

Zsuzsi Fodor

Zsuzsi’s position is funded through Canada Summer Works Programme.