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Hey! Welcome! We are always happy to meet new (and returning) volunteers!

Our volunteer program is made to suit undergraduate volunteers; we know you get busy and might need to scale back your involvement at certain times of the year. That’s why many of our volunteer roles can be done when you have time, and many can be accomplished remotely.

Often, students get involved in a small way and then increase involvement over time, so no job is too small to start with.

Running a not-for-profit requires a wide range of skills and backgrounds, so no matter your programme or your skill level, you can practice, improve and learn with us while gaining experience and strengthening your resume!

Sometimes students combine coursework and research in ways that allow them to work on a project with us that advances our mission. If you have ideas, please bring them to us!

Not to exclude non-students, you are also welcome to volunteer with us and join existing public interest projects!

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“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers”

Ralph Nader

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