Restore Cootes Campaigns

Lot M before the bufferLot M after the buffer

After a Restore Cootes campaign, McMaster University removed hundreds of parking spaces in their west campus lots to create a 30m naturalized buffer for the adjacent Ancaster Creek in 2014.

Lose a road, (re)gain a wetland: Restore Cootes proposes a new vision for Dundas and Hamilton, one that enhances and restores natural areas on the periphery of Cootes Paradise that have been degraded or lost to development.

We start with Cootes Drive as a prime contender for a restoration project that would replace the road with a vast (original) wetland; as well, Olympic Drive by the old canal and other sites could be remediated to create healthy ecosystems that benefit human and non-human communities.

Things can change: Valley Inn Road is now closed to cars, and there’s a plan to make the Eastern entrance to Dundas into an Ecological Park.

Drive Through Paradise
A presentation to the Dundas Historical Society by Randy Kay
Drive Through Paradise