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Plastic packaging is exponentially destroying the ecosystem with aquatic organisms like fish or turtles being the most susceptible to harm since they accidentally come into contact with or consume plastic when feeding.

OPIRG is dedicated to researching and advocating to reduce the environmental impact from plastics by working with grocery stores to minimize plastic food packaging and using more sustainable alternatives.

Ready to take action?

There are lots of ways to make good things happen – you can start by making different decisions about products in your own life, while working toward structural changes that would regulate the production of wasteful products to ensure a viable future for all. 



  • Contact your local grocery manager

  • Hand out information flyer to other customers

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Sustainability Efforts at McMaster vs. Mohawk

Sustainability Efforts at McMaster vs. Mohawk By Sherry Chen I was curious about the attempts that my school, McMaster University, took to decreasing plastics on campus. To my dismay, McMaster does little. One of the few initiatives they have is an Eco-container where you can reuse their containers and it will be cleaned for you, but it is only in three food [...]

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Hamilton aims for Zero Waste by 2030

Nrinder Nann is Hamilton's Ward 3 Councillor that covers the below the Niagara escarpment, Hamilton harbour to the north, ottawa st to the east, wellington st north to the west. Her plan presented to public works was a motion to: push food trucks, businesses, restaurants, food festivals and events to eliminate styrofoam or plastic resin ID #6 quantify single-use plastics identify reusable items [...]

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How do Corporations Measure their Waste?

Fashion and Apparel When we think of corporations polluting, our minds usually point to oil companies, and plastic litter. The other pile of waste that consumers usually forget about, comes from the retail brands - shoes, clothing, apparel, and textiles. The Higg Brand Tool is used worldwide with over 200 members to measure the environmental and social impacts of operations and provides [...]

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Winner of the most Sustainable Grocery Store is….

WholeFoods From all grocery store audits, WholeFoods was the leading grocery store in waste, energy, water, and plastic packaging reduction. Inside and outside the store, the grocery store makes every effort in reducing their environmental footprint. The materials that made up the store consist of: 100% reclaimed wood means less deforestation barnwood used for the coffee bar that would have [...]

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