McMaster Stands With Hong Kong

McMaster Stands with Hong Kong (MSWHK) supports Hong Kong’s resistance against authoritarianism and advocates for human rights and democracy through raising awareness & mobilizing students to take action.

About Us

MSWHK is a student-led group that:

  1. Advocates for Hong Kong’s pro- democracy movement
  2. Raises awareness of the Chinese Communist Party’s oppression in Hong Kong and elsewhere
  3. Focuses on human rights and academic freedom

Mission Statement 

As part of the McMaster community, we would like to:

  1. Raise awareness about oppression in all its forms, but especially those relevant to the Hong Kong diaspora
  2. Help the Hong Kong diaspora better understand issues here in Canada (and the Global North in general)
  3. Build transnational solidarity (our collective effort gives us strength against our oppressors)