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Project Description



The primary objective of this Working Group is to establish a more accessible and streamlined battery recycling program at McMaster. Battery recycling is not something that busy students prioritize and many throw them in the garbage without realizing that batteries need to be properly disposed of.

The current placements of the battery recycling stations are somewhat hidden from the average student and the numerous battery recycling stations scattered around are very disjointed in their operation. For example, the battery recycling station in the MSU office has not been processed in a year.

We also seek to make the general student body more aware of the notion that batteries need to be properly disposed of as well as the locations of these recycling stations.

Contraceptive Accessibility and the McMaster Student Union Health Insurance Plan Survey

Fill out the link below to let us know your thoughts on whether student health insurance should cover emergency contraceptives for a chance to win a giftcard!

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Divest NOW! – McMaster Town Hall Virtual Student Demonstration @12:30pm

Join MacDivest & Mac Climate Advocates to rally and prepare to advocate for fossil fuel divestment at McMaster's Investment and Infrastructure Town Hall! McMaster's Town Hall starts at 1pm-4pm on Thursday Feb 25th. We encourage [...]

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