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Project Description

Disable the Difference

Disable the Difference is a student group dedicated to helping disabled youth through programming, research, policy advocacy, and friendship.

We are committed to providing accessible and free virtual programming for youth with disabilities to combat loneliness, foster friendship, and facilitate academic growth during the pandemic. We are currently running two programs, a buddy program and a tutoring program, and we are so grateful to have a community of over 200 disabled youth and volunteers involved.

We also aim to promote the meaningful and equitable education of individuals with disabilities as well as advocate for individuals and families whose voices are not being heard. Through special education research and policy advocacy, we aim to improve special education locally and provincially.

Lastly, we are passionate about raising awareness about disabilities through blog posts and podcast discussions with youth, parents, academics, educators, and policymakers. We hope to educate folks about how to be better advocates and active supporters of the disabled community.

To engage with our work, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @disablethedifference!

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