Project Description

Bleed Free’s missions are to:

  • Reduce the stigma that surrounds menstruation by the means of educating the McMaster community about the inequalities that menstruating individuals experience

  • Make feminine hygiene products more accessible to marginalized groups within the Hamilton community by donating to local charities and women’s shelters

  • Reduce the amount of waste that accompanies the use of feminine hygiene products and promote the use of more sustainable products

What: Join our annual menstrual product drive raffle for the chance to win amazing prizes including gift cards, prizes packages and exclusive Bleed Free merchandise in exchange for donations of menstrual products or monetary donations!

When: During the last week of February.

What: Register your address online to have members of the Bleed Free team come to you and exchange donations of menstrual products for care packages and gifts!

When: During the last week of March!

Joined in on Hamilton events

such as the SACHA women’s march in order to advocate for women’s rights!

Hosted mini-events

such as our #BloodMovieNight which allotted opportunities for fellow Bleed Free-ers to get to know one another, all in the hopes of building a strong team and community!

Our Fundraising events

Raised over $400 and collected 1000s of menstrual products through hosting raffles and selling Bleed Free merchandise designed by the Bleed Free team wherein 100% of donations and proceeds were given to Hamilton Interval House, a local women’s shelter.