By two PEAS in a pod

To get the word out about our new community kitchen affectionately dubbed “PEASoup” coming in January, PEAS included a recipe in this month’s Good Food Box. Wait, Good Food Whaaaaaaaat? The Good Food Box, a monthly 20 lb basket of fresh produce from the Toronto Food Terminal for twelve smackaroos! (Price likely increasing to $15 in January due to the rising cost of life). The fruits and veggies admittedly aren’t organic, and will become decreasingly local as the white stuff starts to hit, but for those unable to access Hamilton’s lovely produce it’s a darn good deal. Part of the fun of the GFB is not knowing what’s going to be in it and some unfamiliar products might creep in!

So what happens after you pick up the goods? Unfortunately as students and busy people, we often don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to use all the great stuff we get in the food box. This is where PEASoup comes in! The lovely folks at St. Paul’s Church in Westdale have kindly allowed us the use of their kitchen, where we will be hosting small groups of students and Hamilton residents to cook and eat together. Use up those unfamiliar-slash-leftover vegetables, and get back in touch with how and what we eat! Get together with like minded people that you may or may not know, and spend an afternoon cooking food, have a leisurely sit-down meal, and take home to put in your fridge for the days to come!

For more information on the Good Food Box contact the McMaster Bread Bin:

For more information on PEASoup send us an email at

TWO PEAS – Alex hails from beautiful Victoria/Vancouver BC. She likes whole grains, musical jams on the melodica, and being the captain of Pea Soup! Zsuzsi is a self-proclaimed Hamiltonian (although her roots are in Toronto), she enjoys dancing in the dark, muffins with fruit in them, and coordinating PEAS. Both love to make and share great food with even greater people. Eat with us at