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OPIRG is represented on important campus and community partnerships that strengthen our impact and allow mutually rewarding contributions from OPIRG and our partner organizations

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Do you want OPIRG McMaster to be a part of your event? To co-sponsor? Do you need help with promotion? Need a room booking? Have a plan that needs support? If you are a campus or community group, then you are at the right place.

We support research and action in a variety of forms, including skills development training and organizing support. We also set aside funding to support other campus and community initiatives. If you think your event is in line with OPIRG McMaster’s principles, follow the steps below to request support.

STEP ONE: Read our Support Granting Policy here and/or our Room Booking Policy here.

STEP TWO: Once you’ve read the appropriate policy, please fill out our Application for Support form (linked below).

STEP THREE: You may be required to make a brief (<5 minute) presentation to our Board of Directors. After the meeting, you will be notified by a staff or board member if your support application is approved or denied.

STEP FOUR: Once your event is complete, fill out the Event Report form (linked below) within 30 days to report back to us on how it went.


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Hamilton Street Tree Project

A partnership with the City of Hamilton Forestry Department

A young woman holds a lapel button toward the camera. The button text says

A pilot project in 2013, the Street Tree Project developed into a five-year partnership with the city of Hamilton’s street tree programme so the project could target communities with higher than average poor air quality in a door to door campaign to sign people up for a free street tree.

OPIRG hired a student to coordinate the door to door campaign each year. Thanks to the work of McMaster students Jonathon Valencia (2013), Krista Kruja (2014), Harshal Patel (2015), Hannah Walters-Vida (2016) and Chelsea Lowes (2017) we garnered 278 Street Tree requests from residents in the lower city with a four year average of 82% of the requests planted!

Beyond the partnership with the City of Hamilton Forestry department, the Street Tree Project also created valuable connections with:

                • Environment Hamilton where we joined the Air and Tree Taskforce made up of community groups like the Hamilton Naturalist Club as well as City of Hamilton staff from Forestry and Climate Change departments et al
                • McMaster’s Research Shop conducted research for us on best-practices with door-to-door campaigning
                • City Councillors in wards three and four (Councillors Bernie Morelli, Matthew Green and Sam Merulla)
                • Neighbourhood hubs in Keith and Crown Point, et al
                • And the volunteers and people in the neighbourhoods who helped create a greener and cleaner airshed
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COMMERCE 4SG3 - Corporations and Society

Fall Term 2018

Five smiling students facing the cameraBrent McKnight’s class worked with OPIRG McMaster to developing ways to increase our project impact, and onboard new projects.

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History Archive Intern: Tyler Craig

2016 Intern working on OPIRG McMaster's online history archive

Tyler standing at a wood podium with a History banner behind and to the left of him

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Multimedia and Communications Intern: Glenesha Grant

2015-2016 Placement

Glenesha smiling

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Practicum Teacher-Training: Sheena Kooner

2014 McMaster alumni, Queen's University teacher-training placement

Sheena smiling standing in front of a window that shows the student centre atrium below

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Communications Intern: Nina Chopra

2013 Created series of "one with opirg" videos featuring our working groups
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Communications Intern: Jamie Mudrick

2013 Communications placement student
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DeGroote School of Business MBA Strategic Plan Project

2009 Strategic Plan completed by MBA P720 Class for OPIRG
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Centre3 Rebrand Project

Hamilton Community Foundation annual Living the Environment Conference

  • 2017 Summer (May to June) – Chelsea Lowes – Street Trees Project Coordinator
  • 2016-2017 Fall/Winter (Sept. to March) – Angela Ma – OPIRG Resource/Office Assistant
  • 2016 Summer (May to July) – Rachel Goodland – Making Connections Week 2016 Coordinator
  • 2015-2016 Fall/Winter (Sept. to March) – Takhliq Amir – OPIRG Resource/Office Assistant
  • 2015 Summer (May to July) – Robyn Ocean – Making Connections Week 2015 Coordinator
  • 2014-2015 Fall/Winter (Sept. to March) – Amandha Narangoda – OPIRG Resource/Office Assistant
  • 2014 Summer (May to July) – Maddy Bondy – Making Connections Week 2014 Coordinator (Alternative Welcome Week 2014)
  • 2013-2014 Fall/Winter (Sept. to March) – Saffora Fatima – OPIRG Resource/Office Assistant
  • 2013 Summer (May to June) – Jonathan Valencia – Air Quality Improvement Coordinator
  • 2013 Summer (May to June) – Mary Kimamo – Alternative Welcome Week 2013 Coordinator
  • 2012-2013 Fall/Winter (March to April) – Nabila Khan – OPIRG Resource/Office Assistant
  • 2012-2013 Fall/Winter (Sept. to Oct.) – Preeti Nayak – OPIRG Resource/Office Assistant
  • 2012 Summer – Preeti Nayak – Alternative Welcome Week 2012 Coordinator
  • 2012 Summer – Laura Crump – OPIRG McMaster Community Garden Assistant
  • 2011-2012 Fall/Winter (Sept. to March) – Randal De Souza – OPIRG Resource/Office Assistant
  • 2011-2012 – Laura Crump – Community Volunteer Action Program
  • 2011 Summer (May to July) – Randal de Souza – OPIRG Office Assistant
  • 2010-2011 Fall/Winter (Sept. to March) – Harjot Atwal – OPIRG Office Assistant
  • 2010-2011 Fall/Winter (Sept. to April) – Twishna Patel – Community Volunteer Action Assistant
  • 2010 Summer (May to July) – Andrew Cruickshank – Greenroof Research Assistant
  • 2009-2010 Fall/Winter (Sept. to March) – Aisha Sheikh – OPIRG Office Assistant
  • 2009-2010 Fall/Winter (Sept. to March) – Amina Suhrwardy – Food Security Research Assistant
  • 2009-2010 Fall/Winter (Sept. to April) – Marissa Cunnington – Community Volunteer Action Assistant
  • 2009 Summer (May to July) – Ndinda M. Msiska – Eat Local Cookbook Project Assistant
  • 2008-2009 Fall/Winter (Sept to April) – Tings Chak – OPIRG Office Assistant
  • 2008-2009 Fall/Winter (Sept to April) – Emmanuel Awuah – Community Volunteer Action Assistant
  • 2008 Summer (May to July) – Yolisa Nongauza – Anti-Poverty Initiative Assistant
  • 2008 Summer (May to July) – Luwam Ogbaselassie – Office Coordinator
  • 2008 Summer – Natural Areas Hike Coordinator
  • 2008 Summer – Battery Recycling Researcher
  • 2007-2008 Fall/Winter (Oct. to March) – Daria Nelioubina – OPIRG Office Assistant
  • 2007-2008 Fall/Winter (Sept. to April) – Rabia Bana – Community Volunteer Action Assistant
  • 2007 Summer (May to July) – Kimberly Park – Sustainability Researcher
  • 2007 Summer (May to July) – Deirdre Mulcahy – Sustainability Researcher
  • 2007 Summer (June to August) – Maaz Mahmood – Web Designer
  • 2006-2007 Fall/ Winter (Sept. to March) – Tanya Rumble – OPIRG Resource Library Assistant
  • 2006-2007 Fall/Winter – Maleeka Mohamed – Community Volunteer Action Assistant
  • 2005 Winter (Feb. to March) – Elena Korobov – OPIRG Resource Library Assistant
  • 1998-1999 Fall/Winter (Sept. to April) – Shobana Wijayanathan – OPIRG Resource Library Assistant
  • 1997-1998 Fall/Winter (Oct. to April) – Kevin MacKay – Recycling Coordinator
  • 1997-1998 Fall/Winter (Sept. to April) – Shobana Wijayanathan – OPIRG Resource Library Assistant
  • 1996-1997 Fall/Winter (Sept. to April) – Mylene Dorce – OPIRG Resource Library Assistant
  • 1996 Summer (June to August) – Kevin Brown – Community Garden Assistant
  • 1995-1996 Fall/Winter (Sept to April) – Cindy McCulligh – OPIRG Resource Library Assistant
  • 2017 – Hamza Qamar – Making Connections Week 2017 Coordinator
  • 2016 – Hannah Walters-Vida – Street Trees Project Coordinator
  • 2015 – Harshal Patel – Street Trees Project Coordinator
  • 2014 – Krista Kruja – Air Quality Improvement Coordinator
  • 2013 – Ian Chisholm – Migrant Health Project Coordinator
  • 2011 – Harjot Kaur Atwal – Alternative Welcome Week Coordinator
  • 2011 – Brina Busch was hired for 4 weeks through an OPIRG budget line
  • 2010 – Harjot Kaur Atwal – OPIRG Research Library/Office Assistant
  • 2010 – Amina Sudrwardy – Hamilton Food Matters
  • 2009 – Alexandra M. Bissley – “Eat Local Cookbook” Project Assistant (no cookbook produced)
  • 2009 – Amanda Lemus – Seniors in the North End of Hamilton: Understanding Poverty, Aging and Health
    • understanding poverty, aging and health using seniors in the North end of Hamilton as a case study
  • 2008 – Zsuzsanna (Zsuzsi) Fodor – To Feed a City: Exploring Hamilton’s Alternative Food Initiatives
  • 2007 – Ana Cristina Henriques – “Reweaving a Life” Project Assistant
  • 2006 – Paul Uy – “Reweaving a Life” Art Project Coordinator
    • working on a Canada-Mexico art project in support of Walking Together for Health and Development, now known as Atzin, an organization working with the indigenous women of Tlamacazapa, Mexico
  • 2005 – Harris Switzman – Non-Violence Now Workshop Coordinator
  • 2004 – Helen W. Tewolde– African Canadian Community Researcher
    • strengthening the information and the resource base for the African Canadian community in Hamilton
  • 2003 – Rebecca Sutton – Homelessness in Hamilton
  • 2002 – Rachelle (Rae) Kathleen Mitchell – OPIRG Research Library Coordinator
  • 2001 – Emma Reid – Alternatives to Pesticides Educator
  • 2000 – Stella Lee – Supermarket Tour Guide Researcher
    • update the existing Supermarket Tour
  • 1999 – Caroline Liffmann – Foods Issues Researcher
  • 1999 – Cindy McCulligh – Food Issues Researcher
  • 1998 – Andrea Towler – Labour Curriculum Developer
    • development of a labour history package for secondary schools
  • 1998 – Caroline Liffman – OPIRG McMaster Guide to Overseas Travel
    • the purpose of the guide was to provide students with an outline of the necessary steps when considering, planning, experiencing and returning home form a “developing country”, and specifically, to point them towards local organizations, resources and resource people to help them along the way
  • 1998 – Kasia Tota – Biodiversity Coordinator
    • maintaining campus naturalization site
  • 1997 – Silvia Mathew – Media (Six Nations Issues Reporter)
    • conduct research into the media portrayal of native people, specifically examining issues concerning natives of the Six Nations Reserve
  • 1997 – Caroline Liffmann – Recycle Cycles Coordinator
    • responsible for establishing a Recycle Cycles centre off campus
  • 1996 – Lilian Poei – Campus Native Species Biodiversity Coordinator
    • established a native species garden on campus
  • 1996 – Waste Reduction Coordinator
  • 1996 – Resource Centre Assistant
  • May 31, 2010 – November 25, 2010 – Brian Jeffreys – YMCA grant to be Coordinator of Alternative Welcome Week 2010
  • September 2003 – August 2004 – Cynthia Agyeman-Anane – Practical LINC Workshops and other Collaborative Activities
  • Malhar Group – Shelley Porteous

  • Atzin – Shelley Porteous

  • Restore Cootes: “Lot M” Project – Randy Kay

  • Cootes To Escarpment Stakeholder Advisory Group – Randy Kay

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