Michael Parenti: Imperialism Today and the 99%
Begins at November 3rd 7:00 PM EDT
ending on November 3rd 9:00 PM EDT
ITB AB-102, McMaster University
Hamilton Haiti Action Committee
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Haiti Action Network
McMaster Campus groups in conjunction with partners in the community are pleased to bring you America’s Foremost Political Scientist, Professor Michael Parenti , author of the recent book “The Face of Imperialism,” which “meticulously exposes the disastrous consequences of the greed of multinational (mostly U.S.) corporations, and it documents how and why they control our government, which claims to foster democracy but systematically supports the dictatorships that cater to the profit motives of those corporations.” – John Gerassi

Dr. Parenti’s lecture unites the study of U.S. foreign policy with the domestic consequences of permanent war.