Wesley Kerfoot

Wes being interviewed by Yvette

By Yvette Robichaud 

Meet Wesley, your friendly neighbourhood OPIRG volunteer. He is cofounder with Ana Qarri of Guerilla Open Access League (GOAL), a new OPIRG working group dedicated to promoting free access to learning materials.

“Bagpipes or tubas?”

A fourth year philosophy major, Kerfoot has been working on a search engine to enable McMaster students to search for free learning resources for their classes.

GOAL is pretty new working group: it’s only been around for about a month. In terms of progress for free learning materials at McMaster, Kerfoot says that right now there is currently one free engineering class on Coursera, a website for free online courses).

Check GOAL out and get involved!

The group aims to encourage professors and faculty members to adopt free resources for their classes: there are plenty high-quality ones available. GOAL also aims to make copyright-free resources, found on sites such as Project Gutenberg (a website offering free books etc) more readily available for students to use.

Stay tuned for more initiatives from Guerilla Open Access League. If you’d like to get involved in this cause, you can drop by the OPIRG office-MUSC 229 or check out their blog and facebook page.

GOAL works for you, because lowering education costs for students and the general public is important.

Fun Facts about Wesley

  • Favourite Candy: Rockets
  • Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff
  • Do you like black licorice?: Yes
  • Would you rather listen to endless bagpipes or tubas?: Bagpipes